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It's been an age since I have had the time to sit down and write a blog post but it is something I am going to spend more time on next year! However with the “season to be jolly” quickly approaching and lots of you going out and buying candles as gifts for your loved ones, I thought it might be handy to give you some knowledge on the candle lingo - just so you know what you are buying, what is good, bad and what is a waste of your hard earned cash.  


Burn Rate: The amount of wax consumed per hour. Burn rates will vary depending on vessel size, the type of wax and the wick. A good rule of thumb to follow is small candles with small wicks can burn for seven to nine hours per 30 grams of wax while those with large wicks burn approximately five to seven hours per 30 grams of wax. 


Burn Time: The total amount of time it takes for a candle to burn to completion. Different factors will contribute to different burn time such as type of wax, wick size, and vessel size. The Hackney Edit candles have a burn time of 25 - 30 hours.


Carbon build up or mushrooming: The ball of carbon build-up on a wick (mostly cotton wicks). To prevent build up on any wick be sure to trim the wick and clear any carbon buildup between burns by pinching off with your thumb and forefinger. 


Cold Throw: The amount of fragrance emitted from a candle that is not burning and is still solid wax. Certain waxes have a better cold throw than others, so what you may smell in the store is not always how strong the smell will be when you burn the candle. The Hackney Edit candles have a great cold throw and an even better hot throw.


Scent Load: The percentage of fragrance in one batch of candles. Most candles have around 8-12% fragrance which is safe amount and ensures the candle burns correctly with no “sweating” or erratic flame.


Scent Throw: Similar to cold throw but meaning the fragrance emitted from a candle when it is burning. Some wax types will give a better throw than others, beeswax is known for “holding on” to the scent meaning it will not fill the room with scent you wanted. Soy wax usually has a higher percent of fragrance but the scent will usually be noticeable in an average size room. 


Melt pool: The liquid pool of wax of a candle while burning. In a well burning, well made candle the wax pool should be achieved within 2-3 hours of burn time. An ideal melt pool at 4 hours is ½” in depth. Once the melt pool has been reached you should burn for another hour or so and then extinguish. This will prolong the life of your candle. 


Power Burn: Burning a candle for longer than 4 hours. This is often categorized as 8+ hours. This is dangerous and we do not recommend it.


Sweating: This is when the fragrance separates from the wax (often collecting on the top of a container candle in small beads). This is often caused by rapidly moving a candle from one temperature to another or by over scenting with the fragrance oil. 


Tunneling: So many poor quality candles will do this - it will happen when the wick is too small for the diameter of the candle and means a full melt pool cannot be reached. The result of this is that a wax wall will be left around the edge of the candle. This means you end up paying for wax that will never melt and therefore reduce the hours your candle will burn for. The Hackney Edit candles are made with care and love and will burn flat therefore utilising all the highly fragranced wax you have paid for. 


Vessel: Also known as the jar or container that your candle comes in. They can be made from varying materials and can be found in different shapes and sizes. All vessels will directly affect the burn of the candle. The Hackney Edit candles are handmade, locally from a light weight aggregate and every pot can be reused, recycled or refilled*.


Wooden Wick: single-ply, multi-layered, curved or decorative shaped wick made from 100% wood. The Hackney Edits wicks are made from maple tree sourced from FSC regulated forests. 

So, take this info and go buy some really good quality candles for Christmas this year. (preferably from The Hackney Edit!) 

*Refill initiative - have your candle refilled with the same scent you purchased for 35% less you paid. Just £13.00 for a brand new candle and helping to reduce waste by reusing the pot. For more info email the gang at


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