The One About Me:

I have always been a candle person, I love the romantic light they emit, the simpleness of a candle, the long history behind them and the many shapes and sizes they come in.

I had a career for the best part of 10 years as a make up artist, I travelled the world for 2 years, I lived on a boat, I worked in cosmetic surgery and in the corporate world, all the while trying to find that something I loved enough to turn from a hobby into a business with the ethics and morals I believed in and supported.

When I moved from West London to Bethnal Green my creative side really started to itch again and I began pottering around at home making bath salts, more candles, room sprays and body scrubs. I chatted with the man in my life and over a period of 6 months decided I would take the leap of faith, leave my job in Hackney Wick and make a go of designing, hand pouring, hand crafting and selling my own candles and so, here we are...The Hackney Edit was created - beautifully scented candles that are synonymous with things or places within my favourite place and my home: The London Borough of Hackney.

The aim is to produce four handcrafted candles with scents that are synonymous with Hackney and the surrounding area. The first candle I created was Columbia Road. I wanted to make a candle that would emulate the beautiful aroma of the infamous Columbia Road Flower Market that takes place in East London on Sundays. I spent a few weeks playing around with scent combinations and eventually settled with Tuberose, Peony and a hint of the fresher English Rose. This month, January, I will be hoping to launch the second of the four candles, Freehouse. The inspiration for this candle is taken from the vast and varying pubs and watering holes around Hackney, it has notes of honeysuckle and geranium with undertones of oak moss and tonka bean, rosewood. The third candle will be Hackney Marshes and although the scent is undecided it will likely be fresh, green, herbal scents. Finally, the fourth, currently an unknown, any ideas? Let me know.

One of the biggest things for me personally, and I think a huge movement in London and hopefully worldwide is to be more mindful or conscious in what we are consuming, using and buying. The Business Insider Magazine said in May 2018 “We now have a segment of our customers and prospective customers called ‘the conscious consumers’. Their profile is a very interesting one and we can see, through our research, that there is a significant number of them – about 14 million in the UK – that want and value green and ethical products and services. It is very important to them”.

The damage we have done and continue to do to the earth we live on is around us everyday, it’s being drummed into us via ad campaigns, we are seeing more ethically and sustainably made products replacing plastic, single use products and Sir David Attenborough is telling us that there are only just over 2000 Indian tigers left in the wild. We can all make small changes in our lives to try and slow the process, recycle more and use less.  

With all this in mind, The Hackney Edit uses the mantra repurpose, reuse, recycle as much as possible. We have taken the time to source the most environmentally friendly components, the candle container is a robust, water-repellent lightweight aggregate, much more environmentally friendly than concrete and contains no solvents. The wax is ethically sourced and 100% soy. No palm oil or animal derived ingredients are used during the candle making process. The fragrance is vegan and paraben free, meaning the candle is safe to use around everyone and finally the wooden wick is made from Maple tree and is sourced from certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mills. All of the candles are lovingly made by hand, by me, in Bethnal Green.

There is a lot more to come from my little kitchen but for the moment I hope you enjoy your candle and the story behind it. Thank you for your time.

Peace and Love

Kate x

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