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I can never pass up an opportunity for a good DIY session and with Easter break right around the corner there is no excuse not to get out the crafty bits and get making - I have put together a small selection of bits and bobs you can have a go at in your own home all for not many pennies.


For those of you who are more tech based versus hands-on, these super simple personalised calendars can be designed online. Use personal pictures or generic imagery to create a perfect gift for someone to note down those specials dates in the year.

Some of the calendars will have the option of a wooden easel stand as well - why not customise that as well! Use a stencil or go all out and use some gold foil!!/view


Macrame is steadily becoming more and more popular but it has actually been around since the 13th century. The word Macramé comes from an Arabic weavers' word migramah meaning "fringe".  For those of you who have never attempted knotting before it can look a bit tricky and like you may never get the ‘hang’ of it (excuse the pun!) but have no fear, it’s definitely not as hard as you might think and you don’t need any prior experience in knotting.

Take a quick look at this video and get knotting. The beauty of macrame is that if you get it wrong just unknot it and try again!

Get your starter kit here and for inspo #macrame on Instagram (_twome is my fav ;)



These earrings are super easy to make and very inexpensive, great for parties and summer festivals - why not match them to your outfits! These are also great to make with kids whilst they are off school as they can be made in about five minutes. You can buy a kit on Amazon that has everything in or buy each component separately and make the tassels yourself - watch this video for a quick guide to making everything from scratch. TOP TIP - make sure to get silk tassels so that the fringe doesn’t get tangled up.


I couldn’t do a whole piece about making and not include a candle! Making your own candle is simple but you do need some specific tools and also use things that you won’t want to use for anything else again as wax is very difficult to remove! Get yourself in the kitchen and have everything to hand and laid out, making a well balanced candle that will burn well will take about an hour - the more time taken the better the burn and scent.

You can make a candle in a glass jar, an old bean tin (these will get hot!) or something ceramic/concrete - just make sure the vessel is sealed with no where for molten wax to pour out. There are so many places to get candle making supplies but for the odd candle here and there try and get a kit.

Place your wick into the vessel and stick with wax (not glue). Melt the wax over a bain marie and let it cool to about 60 degrees, add your scent and stir well. Pour 70% of your wax into the vessel and let it set - you will probably get a dip around the wick so use the wax you held back to top up and smooth off the candle top. Let the candle set for 48 hours and then Volia! Congrats - no more buying low quality candles!

NOTE: You should never put more than 10% fragrance in your wax so 100g wax = 10ml scent.


Have a great Easter break and happy making.

Kate x

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